About The Institute of Concrete Technology

The Institute of Concrete Technology was formed in 1972. Full membership is open to all those who have obtained the Diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology and MSc in Advanced Concrete Technology (University of Leeds). The Institute is internationally recognised and the Diploma and MSc has world-wide acceptance as the leading qualification in concrete technology. The Institute sets high educational standards and requires its members to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct, thus enhancing the Professional Affiliate body of the UK Engineering Council.

An Introduction to the ICT

A brief history of the ICT 1972-2007


Mission Statement

The Institute's mission is to preserve and promote concrete technology as a recognized engineering discipline and to consolidate the professional status of practicing concrete technologists worldwide.

Membership of The Institute of Concrete Technology, is open to a wide range of people with a professional interest in concrete - from students through to those that have worked in the industry for many years.